Systema in 50 Questions – Glen Robertson

A book on what Systema is and what is important when tying to learn the art.

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Systema in 50 Questions – Kindle edition

The Russian Martial art of Systema is becoming known worldwide as a self defence system unlike any other. It is amazingly effective, whilst in ways counter-intuitive to other combat styles being taught.
There are many DVDs and books explaining the moves and drills which form part of Systema, however this book tries to explain why things are done in certain ways and also unravel some of the more complex points taught as part of general Systema training.

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Mind 22 – Mindfulness in 22 Questions – Kindle Edition

The term Mindfulness has become a buzzword for so many things in recent years. It is commonly thrown into a conversation, often with no real understanding of what it means and how it is carried out.
There is a misconception that it is complicated and requires a lifetime of work, however, in reality, the concept is simple and the practice is very easy.
This book answers some of the basic questions on mindfulness in a clear way, that tries to remove some of the mystique and give an understanding of why anyone and everyone can practice mindfulness and what they can gain from it.

God 4 the 21st Century – Kindle Edition

This book is written for anyone who is confused about faith, religion and God’s place in the universe. In a nutshell, this book’s message is one of simplicity. We are forever complicating issues in an effort to understand, when all we really do is cause more confusion.

Things do not have to be this way. No one needs to be confused, because simplicity is the key to understanding. When you take away all the filler and deal with the important issues, a sense of simplicity provides a real sense of understanding and peace.

This book is written simply and is not meant as a lecture on theology. It is meant to be enjoyed and to make you think. After all, not everything has to be complicated, including God.

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